Foam Sciences has experience in a broad range of applications. Our technical team works with your engineers to advise on materials and design configurations to meet your performance and cost goals. Below is a sampling of some of the applications we have addressed.

Contact Us to discuss your unique situation including development of prototypes. Off-the-shelf sample of standard products are available on our Order page.

Medical – Foam Sciences offers several medical grade foams for wound care management and medical devices. Wicking pads, wound dressings and transdermal patches are just a few applications where Foam Sciences’ technology can be applied. Read More …

Clean Room and Testing Labs – Our hydrophilic foam is converted into clean room swabs, as well as clean room wipes for cleaning purposes in a variety of different applications. Its hydrophilic capacity, extremely low particulate count and low outgassing properties make it a useful material in a clean room class environment. Read More …

Semiconductor, Microelectronics, and Optical Product Applications Capu-Cell™ is utilized as a barrier to protect sensitive semiconductor wafers and devices from damage during shipping and handling. Capu-Cell’s™ low particulate and outgassing properties offer minimize contamination while providing physical protection. Bags, wipes and sheets are available in standard or custom sizes.

Cosmetics and Hygienic Healthcare Applications – Capu-Cell™ is an excellent material for cosmetic wedges, applicator and personal hygiene products. Its superior strength provides a longer lasting material but is soft to the touch. Capu-Cell™ cell structure is smooth and uniform with densities ranging from tissue-soft to extremely firm.

Precision Equipment Components – Capu-Cell™ hydrophilic foam’s unique properties offer high performance where high wicking capacity and precise metering of application is required. Examples of applications in which we have experience include:
• Copier toner applicator rollers
• Electronic printer ink applicator rollers
• Wicking pads with PSA backing
• Gaskets and seals
• Delicate touch paper advance rollers

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