From startups to major corporations Foam Sciences can assists in the development of innovative new products for medical applications. We advise on foam formulations and on design aspects so that you can meet challenging application requirements and cost goals. Our proprietary Capu-Cell™ hydrophilic foam has had a proven reputation in medical applications for over 20 years.

The combined resources of Foam Sciences and its parent company TMP Technologies, Inc provide production capacity to meet the needs of major international companies, while our culture of responsiveness ensures that your needs are addressed quickly.

We can work at the level you require whether it be for components, assemblies, turnkey products or bulk materials. We also offer supplementary services to coat, sterilize, specialty package, and drop ship products. Our standardized products such as wipes, sheets, bags and sponges are also available for private labeling. As longtime supplier to medical product customers we comply with company specific supplier quality standards and reporting requirements, and work with you to complete FDA required documentation.

The products we provide are used in a wide range of medical, surgical and diagnostic testing applications including:
• Swabs
• Sensor pads
• Medication patches
• Applicator pads
• Wicking pads
• Absorbent wipes and pads
• Wound dressings
• Clean bracing shapes
• Clean wipes
• Cleaning sponges
• Needle stick pads
• Catheter pads
• Clean protective packaging sheets for medical devices
• Sheets for clean work areas
• Plugs, filters, caps for medical equipment and accessories


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